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One of the main things that has always bothered me about the anarchist/libertarian community is the lack of focus on actionable solutions to find freedom now–the focus is improving, but there’s still plenty of work to be done. And, sure, the philosophy is important and I’m not discounting that, but anarchism is a radical ideology–and radical action necessarily follows.

One individual who has been partaking in said radical action is Derrick Broze. Not only is he an open agorist, but he has been building local alternatives to statist institutions since he helped found the Houston Free Thinkers in 2010; some of his successes include a bustling counter-economy in Houston, community gardens, workshops teaching others how to partake in direct action, organizing freedom cells, and much more.

Derrick and his co-author, John Vibes, recently released the capstone book in their trilogy called Manifesto of the Free Humans. In this book, they lay out the over-arching strategy in how to bring about personal freedom, as well as a free society, and I’ll tell you what, I absolutely love it.

Building off of the foundation Samuel Edward Konkin III left, the goal is to create their own intentional community in Texas sometime in the year 2020. Following that, they hope others will emulate their example to create a wide counter-economic network of these communities. But, if the intentional community is not for you, other solutions are offered within and can be based upon the same framework.

In this interview, we cover all of those things and more–you’re going to want to check it out. Please enjoy, share, and let us know what you think!

Show Notes:
LUA Interview with Derrick on Freedom Cells
LUA Interview with Derrick on Agorism
Manifesto of the Free Humans [FREE DOWNLOAD]

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