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Derrick Broze sits down with Mark Passio to discuss the return of his podcast, the upcoming elections, psyops like QAnon, moving out of the United States, and much, much more.

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One Response

  1. Timothy Appleseed

    The reason the government is in the parental mindset is because they are dealing with a bunch of children. This all started with a misunderstanding of the original sin. The church teaches it as an obedience lesson but that is actually opposite of what it was really all about. The story of the original sin was really all about growing up; emotional intelligence.
    Eating the fruit means building an attachment to your concept of right and wrong. Attachment is the eating part and judgment is the fruit produced by the knowledge of good and evil, the tree’s namesake. Forgiveness then is spitting the fruit back up and grace is leaving it at the tree.
    Once we stop eating the fruit and learn to spit it up we can then regain access to the tree of life, which is purpose.
    “The synergy of our talents and interests applied to what we care about is the seed of purpose and purpose is the fruit of life but the path to the tree of life is obscured but the masks we wear seek validation and or approval from others.”
    Consider too that Adam and Eve were naked when they were eating from the tree of life. Being naked means being vulnerable and being authentic leave you feeling vulnerable.
    The bottom line is stop worrying about what other people think and get on with your purpose.


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