In case you haven’t seen my recent video announcements, here are some of the most exciting developments happening with The Conscious Resistance:

New Book Publisher and Translations! My co-author John Vibes and I have partnered with a publishing company to update and rerelease our trilogy, The Conscious Resistance! The books will be updated with new material and released as one epic trilogy. The publisher will also be translating the book to Spanish and French. My most recent book, How To Opt-Out of the Technocratic State, will also be translated to French and Spanish!

Record Breaking Traffic – The Conscious Resistance Network just had our 3rd month of record breaking traffic, with our first month of 100K plus unique visits to the site. Please keep sharing our website and work so we can expand this movement!

Writing Full Time with The Last American Vagabond – One of my favorite parts of being in the indy media is collaboration! This is why I am stoked to announce that I am now writing for The Last American Vagabond. I am extremely excited to be working alongside Ryan (the founder) and Whitney Webb.

Thanks to everyone who continues to support our efforts. Please see some of our upcoming events below.

Till Next Time,
Remember, You Are Power, You Are Beautiful, You Are Free!

– Derrick Broze
Founder, The Conscious Resistance Network
Freelance Investigative Journalist


– How To Localize, Decentralize, and Opt-Out of the Matrix – Saturday May 16, 12 pm Central – Streaming live on FB, YT, and Flote. This will be a one hour presentation where Derrick Broze break’s down the various systems we need to decentralize and bring back to the local level. Derrick will also share advice from my recent book, How To Opt Out of the Technocratic State.

– 3rd International Freedom Cell Conference Calls – Saturday May 16, 2 pm Central – A live Zoom call for anyone interested in or already building Freedom Cells, hives, hubs, circles, mutual aid groups, etc. If you have ideas to share or questions to ask, please join! 

– EcoVersity! What’s Next? Conversations for Change – Sunday May 17, 8 am – 4 pm Central – What’s Next? Will combine the principles of permaculture, positive psychology, community, health & vision by bringing world leaders together to provide proactive tips for families, communities and educators to thrive during this time. Full Lineup: Alex Grey & Allyson Grey , Friends of Charles Eisenstein, Rob Greenfield, Amanda Sage, Chris Dyer’s Positive Creations, Dr. Dan Tomasulo, Stephen Brooks, Andres Cambronero, Dr. Judith Kuriansky, Andrea Belén, Matthew Human, Derrick Broze

– Shielded Health 5g Summit – Sat and Sun May 23 & 24 – This one hasn’t even officially been announced yet but I am letting you know now! Shhhh! Want to learn more about 5g and hear solutions? Speakers: Dr. Nick Begich, Art Calenge, Dr. Magda Havas, Nick Pineault, Derrick Broze, and more!

I will be posting more about these events as they get closer, but please mark your calendars Thanks for the support!

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