In August 2014 The Conscious Resistance Team went to the Contact in the Desert Conference in Joshua Tree, California.

Derrick interviews researcher and explorer Michael Tellinger.

0:00 Discussion on Michael’s discoveries
5:50 Ubuntu/Contributionism Discussion
8:35 What is Ubuntu?
10:00 How would Ubuntu work?
14:00 Community Projects
15:30 Voluntaryism
17:45 Who runs things in Contributionism?
18:20 Absolute Freedom Requires Actual Control
18:50 Council of Elders
28:00 Does Contributionism value the individual?
29:20 You can’t own everything you create

3 Responses

  1. Sameer

    What about property ownership and/or home ownership? Will that also be based on the principle of co-ownership?

  2. JanetMendonca

    Really like these new tips, which I haven’t heard of before, like the SUBHEAD. Can’t wait to implement some of these as soon as possible.

  3. Morrish

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