The US government has once again managed to land itself in hot water in the Middle East.  From backing pedophiles in Afghanistan, to deliberately bombing a hospital, the US has continued its incredibly long of war crimes and other atrocities in the name of fighting terrorism/supporting terrorism.  The latest has to do with War Criminal in Chief Barack Obama’s drone program.  According to Obama and other supporters, the drone program is great way to eliminate those dastardly terrorists, while limiting US combat fatalities.  However, according to recent documents given to The Intercept, the drone program hasn’t been as successful as we’ve been told.  In fact, it’s been a complete and utter failure.

For every 10 people killed via drone strike, 9 of them are civilians.  Only the sickly incompetent world of government is a 90% failure rate not lead to immediate dismissal.  These people are simply trying to live their lives, only to see it ended or forever changed by the self proclaimed “most powerful man in the world.”  A family eating dinner blown to peaces, a wedding ruined, children playing in the street mangled horribly, all while Obama sits in safety and comfort.

All males over 16 considered justifiable targets and we’re told that “there’s a war on women” by Obama and other fake liberals.  Meanwhile they wage a real war against men, while also killing many women, as well as children.  The “Anti-War Left,” so vocally opposed to the previous War Criminal in Chief, has sounded the crickets, yet had this been a Republican there would have been vast outrage.  What’s next, eating puppies on live television and streamed over the internet?

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