Every week TCRN will be sharing independent artists from all genres who promote a message of awareness, consciousness, social justice, and solutions. This is the second spotlight of this week to make up for the weeks we have missed!

This week we are happy to share Break These Chains (Wade in the Water) by
Master Mark featuring K-Rino of the South Park Coalition. “Break These Chains” (Wade in the Water) is a song about modern day slavery and the struggle that most americans go through when they give up on their dreams because of fear. Fear of where their next meal is going to come from. Fear of what other people think. So they get a job and eventually their job becomes them and they forget about their dreams and focus on running on the hamster wheel fast enough to keep up with their bills.


From Master Mark: “I made this song in hopes of opening some people’s eyes to this reality and to bring awareness to the invisible chains that bind us so that we can figure out how to escape this system of modern day slavery. The song features K-Rino of the South Park Coalition whom I have a great deal of respect for because of the powerful and positive messages that he delivers in a rap game that’s polluted with “dumbed down” music that promotes the glorification of self contamination, violence, and other negative messages. This song is a tribute to Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad in memory of the sacrifices she made for the freedom of her people during an “unenlightened era”.”

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