Welcome to the Mexico Freedom Communities Map,
brought to you by The Conscious Resistance Network!

Short on time? Let’s Get Straight to the Point:

If you are looking for “freedom-minded” communities in Mexico, check out the map below to see a list of existing communities looking for investors and members; communities in formation needing investors; and active Freedom Cells (activist hubs) in Mexico. We have made the effort to ensure these communities are not interested in your vaxx status or forcing masks on your family. This is part of what is meant by “Freedom Communities”. However, we encourage you to get to know the values and principles of each community before exchanging money or moving.

Have a moment? Here’s some more background on the map:

My name is Derrick Broze. Since 2012, I have edited the website you are visiting right now, The Conscious Resistance Network. I am a journalist, activist, author, filmmaker, and public speaker.

More importantly, I have been visiting Mexico for the last 7 years, and living in Mexico full time for the last 2 years. In March and April 2022 I completed a 6 week tour across this beautiful land, connecting with freedom-minded, spiritually aware individuals and communities.

The Mexico Freedom Communities Map is the result of visiting various intentional communities and ecovillages, as well as connecting with individuals and groups who are early in the process of forming communities. Additionally, I also connected with active Freedom Cells in different parts of the country. These groups are active in local activism, permaculture, outreach, gardening, music, art, and/or skillshares.

These communities are all similar, but unique. Some are made up of all expats (foreigners), some are being started by Mexicans, and others are a mix of Mexicans and expats. I encourage anyone joining or starting a community in Mexico to include integrating with the local community as one of the pillars of your project. For those of us who were not born in this beautiful land, we should do everything we can to prevent causing harm to the local communities and land.

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