This past week I began writing for the alternative media website, Intellihub. I am writing Monday through Friday on a variety of topics. Check out the topics I wrote about this week. Be sure to tune in Sunday from 2-4 Central to hear these stories and more on the Conscious Resistance at the Orion Talk Radio Network!

– Derrick

Monday – Activists Attempt Citizens Arrest on Henry Kissinger – This covers my experience with the Houston Free Thinkers as we attempt to stop Henry Kissinger.

Tuesday – Iraq: Ten Years on and the War on Terror is Still a Hoax

Wednesday – The State of Gun Control: Colorado, Feinstein, and the U.N.

Thursday – Judge Orders Mediation in Operation Fast and Furious Case

Friday – As Cyprus Struggles to Reach a Deal Onlookers Have a Chance to Be Forward Thinking


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