My name is Derrick Broze and I have spoken at Anarchapulco the last 3 years. I am thankful for the opportunity to speak to and meet so many amazing people. I also want to address some of the issues surrounding the 2019 event…

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One Response

  1. jonas

    Shnabbles from Twitter
    It sounds both exciting to be on the kind of creative beat that groups associated with events like Anarchapulco are in and incredibly frustrating to deal with the inane drama that just seems to pop out of every attempt to be organized.
    Some points:
    Firstly, can’t seem to make that FS to see the e-mails, likely my tech bad, but I do get the gist of it.
    I would say you were definitely slighted throughout this event. I’m also surprised that at an event literally about creating and anarcho-based society even has these kinds of issues. I don’t know enough about this at all to make any strong judgment, but from this way outside perspective, why not just let everyone have a space to do what they like at an event such as this one? And when space is limited, alternate times.
    And again, I’m super out of the loop of all the inside chatter involving this, but see where you have reason to feel the way you do about the treatment you most definitely should not have received.
    My issue comes with your comment that you do not consider Berwick to be a credible source. Is he something of a huckster, capitalizing on the doom that’s surrounding us in some ways? I have to give that a tepid yes. I’m a little familiar with the Gaults Gulch drama(I wanted in that so bad, but poor!) and know nothing of the ?Shebita? thing, but yeah, he’s certainly one that comes from a background of the types that jump onto whatever will further their personal capital at the time.
    Not that it’s a bad thing in today’s world exactly, but it DOES come from a basis of selfishness. And that’s something I think Berwick deals with personally from what I get regularly watching his videos and responses. There have been many changes in the truthseekers as this agenda against us all develops and people are forced to realize we cannot be the self-centered people we were engineered to be.
    We’re all just people at the end of the day and apparently, there’s only one group that has this seemingly magical ability to be cohesive with each other and remain super focused on achieving their supremely evil end goals consistently.
    I think your report here is strongly objective. I think you certainly tried hard to maintain a civil approach through it all. I think it’s wrong and reckless how Jeff reacted with you, but his apology does mean something(which you state).
    However, your comment that Jeff is not credible on Twitter is a strong and dangerous message to put out. To completely discount someone’s contributions to solving this mess we’re in when his videos have helped many people get through and have sound advice is counter-productive to the truth-seeking culture.
    I remain unconvinced that Jeff Berwick is not trustworthy.
    And without more(which you might know about – I don’t know), you should consider that as well.
    All I do know, is that I sure do hope we can manage to remain united in some way throughout this agenda to make the differences we need to make.
    If we do not, we can forget any chance of having events like Anarchapulco, capitalizing for personal gain or even having an opinion on a site like this one.



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