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Check out the first episode of “The Conservationist” podcast, hosted by Gary Ananian, Founder and Executive Director at Kern River Conservancy. This episode, titled “The Saga of Miracle Hot Springs,” features an in-depth conversation with our very own Neil Liberty Radimaker.

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Episode Description

In this first installment of a two-part episode, Neil, an investigative journalist, producer, cinematographer, multimedia consultant and admin of the decentralized Miracle Hot Springs page, provides an overview of recent events at Miracle Hot Springs in Kern County, California. Neil recounts his first experience visiting the Kern River Valley and how he fell in love with Miracle Hot Springs. The episode explores the history, community involvement, and challenges faced by Miracle Hot Springs, including the impact of social media and tourism. Neil and Gary also tackle the misconceptions and misinformation perpetuated by social media influencers about natural spots like Miracle Hot Springs, emphasizing the importance of proper education on “Leave No Trace” principles. Stay tuned for the upcoming second installment, where Gary will be joined by Hal Chiprin of the centralized group called the Kern River Hot Springs Angels to further explore this ongoing saga.

About Gary Ananian

Gary Ananian is not just the host of “The Conservationist” but also the Founder and Executive Director of Kern River Conservancy. Under his leadership, the conservancy has grown from a small grassroots group to a major player in river conservation. With over 600 volunteers and 10,000 social media followers, the organization focuses on river safety, wildfires, and responsible public land use.
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Learn More About Kern River Conservancy: Kern River Conservancy’s Website (about)

Sorting Out the Confusion: The Demolition of Miracle Hot Springs

The episode touches on the destruction of Miracle Hot Springs, but there’s more to the story. Read the full account by Neil ‘Liberty’ Radimaker here.

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