In this clip from the Live Free, Think Free podcast, Derrick and Micah break down the latest on Elon Musk’s Neuralink brain implant, the cost to animal lives, and the push towards Transhumanism.

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  1. Laura

    I have a system that has been remotely installed in my brain using genetically engineered pantry moths. It’s an electronic neurotargetting system. Particles from the moths got into my eyes and ears. They used that to read my mind. They have also sent remote messages at me. Magnetized particles from my skin and eyes go to the ceiling. They often return to me or they are sometimes used to create images that only I can see. They use satellites and cell phones to manage and interface with this system.

    They blamed me for my family’s sins. This is a DHS-type group. They judged me more harshly for my own sins because of my family’s sins. But these people judging me have some sins of their own. I used to hate my family before this thing was installed but now I love my family because I know that I need them due to the vulnerability caused by this system. Some in my family were cruel in various ways. But those who run this electronic neurotargetting system have sins of their own. They are also afraid of me because of my anger and what I know.


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