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Today I have a special announcement to share with you! If you were unaware, John Vibes and I released a book in April 2015 at the Free Your Mind Conference near Philadelphia. “The Conscious Resistance: Reflections on Anarchy and Spirituality” has been well received and we continue to get praise for the ideas presented! But we are not done yet…

Recently, John and I have realized that the philosophy and ideas behind The Conscious Resistance need to be elaborated even further. John and I feel like “The Conscious Resistance: Reflections on Anarchy and Spirituality” was the “body” of our philosophy. We laid the foundation and now we want to show you the deeper levels of this way of thinking. So we have decided to make The Conscious Resistance a trilogy!

That’s right, John and I are now working on the second book in that trilogy! This book (tentatively titled “Finding Freedom in an Age of Confusion”) will be the heart of our philosophy. What that means is that we want to show the human struggle of the search for freedom.

Being an activist, especially an anarchist one, can be a difficult road sometimes, but the righteous path is never easy. Most of us encounter the same struggles in our path, but these struggles are rarely ever talked about. When someone “wakes up” and realizes that our society is not free, it can sometimes lead to depression and confusion or alienation from family and friends. This is what happens when the whole world is mad and you are seeing clearly for the first time.

This transition can be extremely challenging, and to help make it easier, me and John G Vibes are dedicating our next book to tackling these very personal issues that activists experience and offer solutions to help them overcome it. As with the first book, this oneĀ will be released at the Free Your Mind 4 conference in April! (Side note: We will be participating in a panel on Agorism at the conference!)

Please stay tuned to The Conscious Resistance Network for more details as they come as well as additional info on what you can expect from book 3, which will serve as the “mind” of our philosophy!



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