Friends and Family,

Thanks for the continued support for my community building and activism. I have finally been able to get some glitches fixed on the site and will be updating more regularly. Here are some of the most recent updates from my world:

– First off, I am super stoked to be back in D.C., on the east coast helping out with the Adam Vs the Man podcast while Adam fight for freedom from a cage. I will be helping co-host through September 12th at the least. Catch us Monday through Friday on the AVTM live show at 7 EST.

– I ended my radio show on Orion Talk Radio in early July after about a year there and two years doing radio. The show was getting in the way of my Sunday gardening and relaxation. 🙂 But don’t worry…

– After joining the Liberty Beat as a writer in late May I have now partnered with John Bush on his podcast the Rise Up Radio show. I will be recording and uploading discussions to the Rise Up soundcloud. Very excited about that, please check it out!

-I am also getting ready to work with the Lifting the Veil crew once again. I was featured in the recent documentary Unveiled and Lifted by the team and now I will be the first featured guest for their new project, Agitators of the Agora. Check out the trailer below.

– While I am on the east coast I will be working with author and my writing partner, JG Vibes. John and I are hard at work on our book, “The Conscious Resistance: Reflections on Anarchy and Spirituality.” Look for some preview essays soon.

– And of course I am always working with the Houston Free Thinkers. Check out our updated site and all the amazing things going on in our community!

Thanks for everything. Keep fighting.

– DB

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