Derrick Broze sits down with Tia Severino, host of Good Morning CHD and the organizer behind the Next Steps Conference in Atlanta, Georgia! Tia discusses what is needed to focus on solutions for rising technocracy, and most importantly, for building a parallel society.



Come hear Derrick and many other presenters at Next Steps in Atlanta, Georgia from February 22nd to 25th:

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2 Responses

  1. MIke Smith

    Yes there needs to be ways to manufacture certain drugs, natural medicines, and herbs necessary to maintain good health. Some they know we need and therefore the availability will be deminshed perhaps stopped. In some instances there may be alternatives. In others the only solution will be for gov’t to stop restricting that we desperately need as treatments supplements and antioxidants. Alternative co-ops or something similar who are knowledgeable in chemistry who could manufacture something similar to the needed and hidden product taken for Malevolent reasons. Stealth may be necessary .

  2. Shari

    So where the heck is her group and/or site? I have searched every friggin permutation of “Next Steps” and nope nope nope. What the heck?


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