Derrick Broze explores the claim that Donald Trump nationalized the Federal Reserve. Where did this idea originate and why are folks falling for it?

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  1. NicholasPeter

    Great Job Derrick. My brother showed me that yahoo finance article about the whole fed/treasury joining

  2. NicholasPeter

    What is a program you would recommend to creat custom thumbnails for videos I create?

  3. Bonky O'Toole

    Derek, you need to grow up. I believe you mean well but you don’t even understand the issue here. You didn’t even watch the video!! You just went on an opinionated rant attacking a pundit far better informed than yourself … for expressing an opinion! You are still trapped in that childish, egotistical, defeatist (utopian/ libertarian and tragically nihilistic) “it’s all wrong”, “vote for nobody” paradigm. Maybe smoke less weed and read more.


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