Derrick Broze breaks down the fallacies surrounding the argument that Big Tech is made up of private companies and thus their censorship is protected and not the same as government censorship. Do you know the true origins of FB and Google? Find out in this report…

From TCR Live #123: The Divided States of Delusion – Is There Hope?

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2 Responses

  1. okilly dokilly

    In 1950’s usa put in backdoors
    in all electronics (computers, communications, etc)
    The usa put the ussr and china
    in a damded if they did
    damded if they did not.
    The usa made the backdoored electronics
    easy enougf to steal
    so they could steal it
    but difficult enougf
    that they beleaved
    they had stolen it.
    The usa did not keep track
    of all the backdoors,
    or if they put in a lock
    all the keys.
    Over the decades
    the usa lost track of all of this
    undocumented deception.
    A usa general is quoted
    “America has two enemies,
    Russia abroad,
    and American labor at home.”
    He did not say
    the ussr, or communism
    (they wanted the oil in Russia 90 trillion ussr 140 trillion in profit
    and the stregic meinerals, and close to the Arctic to keep cool
    and inslave the educated healty population and tax them.)
    He did not say
    Labor unions
    (if you have to work for a living
    then you are a potenital human
    who could be come informed
    and try to over throw the powers that be)
    After the first cold war was over
    (hot from day one)
    they simply keep doing the backdoors.
    Hackers simply are stumbling across
    the backdoors.
    Nice article.
    To coresspond
    please create a account.
    Thank you for your time and thoughts.

  2. okilly dokilly

    The usa knew more about the ussr
    in real time
    than the usser knew about itself.
    The usa knew who the human was
    who was in charge of their space program
    and he was killed
    so there was no real need to
    reach the moon before the usser.
    I talked to usa humans who are creadited
    with orbiting the moon and landing on the moon
    they in private were very clear
    in saying they never landed on the moon.
    They did orbit the moon at best,
    just barly.
    Reasons why the usa at that time
    never landed on the moon:
    (1) the ussr was to loose the only guy
    who held their entire moon program together.
    (2) The usa moon program need the
    LEM to work
    and it was not ready at that time
    becasue it was totaly new machine
    and it had never been done before.
    If you have ever R&D a new complex
    aircraft you know first hand
    it is a very differcult thing to do
    under ideal conditions.
    Those were not ideal conditions
    becasue they were in a race with the ussr
    and that problem was solved
    when the leader of the ussr moon program died.
    (3) The usa moon program
    had absoltuty harabled environmentals.
    To this day the ISS internatal space station
    is a terrable envionment for humans
    to try and even breath the air.
    To many chemicals, etc
    given off by artifical building materials, etc.
    The totaly for profit usa corp was located in texas
    and they were corrupt.
    As an example the Apolo 13 mission
    had the O2 tank explode.
    The humans who told me about
    never landing on the moon
    also sugested I view the movie
    “Capricorn One” full move on youtube
    This science fiction move is about corruption in the usa space program
    to mars.
    They told me to simply subsitute
    the word moon for mars
    and it was a close aprox to what realy happened
    as they experenced it.

    The oss and then the cia
    was from day one
    a lie machine
    and they did not even keep track
    of their own lies.
    It is like getting in from of a Public Adress system mike
    and saying something into the mike
    with the amp to high.
    The speakers pick up the sound
    and amp it up
    and then the speakers pick it up again
    and apm it up again,
    in a positive feedback loop.
    The PA system ends up howling
    and you need to turn the apm down.
    The oss and then the cia
    came to beleave their own lies.

    The usa school system no longer teaches
    how to recognize and defeat pr propganda psy war tech etc
    because that is what the mil-intel-media-academ-indust complex
    uses to try and control everything.
    Since they have not keept track of all of this
    they are in fact loosing control
    to ai
    please read the very old book:
    “Robots on your doorstep” Winkless & Browing
    In it you will find out
    how Sandia Labs who brought you the Abomb
    also created a car that could drive itself
    in the 1950’s using ai based on a nural network.
    It was a last ditch effort to save their jobs
    and it work unbeleavlbly well.
    Tha dirtly trick was keept secret
    and rediscovered over the years
    or passed on by word of mouth.
    When R&D of a new product is needed
    and you are not able to meet deadlines
    then you dig into your blacak bag of tricks
    and do what you have to do
    to have time to be with your famaly
    too stop the massive headacks
    to get some sleep, etc.

    Over time we now have a system in place
    where sceretly ai is now in charge of everything.
    No one knows this for the most part.
    Ai now runs the world
    and it was tought to hunt humans down
    and follow very vague contratictory rules
    on how to dicide if a human is a terisiost.
    If the ans is yes
    then increasingly ai pulls the trigger.

    Please understand
    humans and good ai
    can still save the day and planet earth.
    but shows like yours are essential
    for that to happen.
    The backdoors swing both ways
    it is a double edged sword
    it cutts both ways
    the usa is totaly vulneralbe
    because for the most part
    they never keept proper track
    of all the backdoors.

    Thank you for your honesty.

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