Yesterday concluded “National Opt Out and Film the TSA Week” around the country. On Sunday the 25th I went to Reagan Airport to pick up Adam Kokesh after the National End The Fed Rally in Arkansas. Both of us were armed with cameras and information for passengers. Here is a 20 minute snippet of the 2 hour altercation that took place.

Those who have followed my activism since the beginning know that  I believe in compassionate activism. I want to make it clear that my intentions were only to speak to those flying that day, and even the TSA agents if they would listen. I make attempts to spread information on the dangers of the body scanners, the violation of rights, and the many failures of the TSA.  I do not believe in using permits to speak to other humans.

The only way the conscious, philosophical, intellectual evolution will continue is by everyone actively working to connect to the others in our community. This is not about us vs. them. Even though the officers in the video acted with false authority and seemed to believe that I was their enemy, I do not hold anything against them. In fact, if you are reading this officers get in touch. Let’s sit down and talk about how we can all be more free.


– DB

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  1. Gen Agustsson

    i do think body scanners are ridiculous! Who wants to see my body including my genitals anyway through the body scanner? its not their business but my own!

  2. bruh

    I appreciate the peaceful calm approach and the intention but if the airport is a private company, isn’t it ok, by agorist standards, for their private police to enforce the venue’s rules?

    BTW I only watched the first 5 minutes so I am judging by that


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