The Conscious Resistance Network presents: The Pyramid of Power

In the 12th episode of this 17 part series, Derrick Broze focuses on the history of intelligence gathering, and the crimes of the U.S., Russian, Israeli, and Chinese intelligence services.

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  1. Steven Berge

    The power of the people is more powerful than the power of the oligarchs if we can just organize. It seems that there are so many people that are disgruntled with “the system” that it wouldn’t take much of a tipping point to ignite massive protests and general strikes to force a clearly written demand to end the rule by wealth system. I appreciate your affiliation with self-autonomous groups.

  2. roy silos

    Very inspiring.. I think that the power pyramid the source is for all oppressing in countries, businesses and other communities. We have to move to a pancake organizations where people thrives as partners… Read the fifth dimension from Prof Senge.

  3. Genuinely Curious

    Derrick, what are the differences between the original version of this video and the updated version? Curious to know what part to rewatch. Thanks ?


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