Derrick Broze talks with researcher Christian of the IceAgeFarmer channel about the Grand Solar Minimum, the food crisis, true sustainability, permaculture, technocracy, and much more.

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2 Responses

  1. Arby

    I’ve used Ice Age Farmer’s info a few times now. He’s also new to me. I greatly appreciate this opportunity to hear from this sensible individual.

    I was a believer in climate crisis not long ago, but research by people like Cory Morningstar and James Corbett has me thinking differently about things. They expose the scammers and the scammers themselves, once you get their measure, suggest that whatever the hell they’re selling should be examined carefully and, in the absence of either pro or con info, their pronouncements should be rejected until proven true. I’m even coming around to the idea that climate crisis is a cover for environmental crisis, the way the virus is a cover for the negative effects of uncontrolled industrial practices and manmade chemicals.

    I, however, don’t buy biological evolution. And I don’t agree with others (most) about what the word ‘technocracy’ means.

  2. Arby

    I clicked on the Liberty Beat out of curiosity and was not impressed with an announcement concerning the “covid 19 pandemic.” I’m always looking for genuine alternative/progressive sources of information from which I can learn. When I find something, I link to it on my blog – if I remember to. The Liberty Beat won’t be linked to on my blog.


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