REVIEW: The Social Dilemma Documentary

Derrick Broze reviews the documentary The Social Dilemma and (once again) asks why people are still using Facebook?

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3 Responses

  1. Audioboy279

    I watched Social Dilemma, very interesting, informative too. I got the impression most of the people featured had their hearts in the right place but were somewhat naive to the reality of the world which is often the case with tech and science.

    I’ll explain; The problem with literally ALL of these mainstream state-approved productions is that they are cleverly designed to inform you on one hand, whilst controlling the narrative and reinforcing the official position using the very same tactics they highlight whether they are aware of it or not as they are subject to the same propaganda as everyone else.

    Not once did they mention any connection between InQtel (the CIA venture capital firm) who practically funded silicone Vally from IBM to Google, and possibly Facebook too via proxy (the CIA came up with the concept for Face Book before Zuckerberg), and many more. Any half-decent researcher would know this so they either chose to ignore it or didn’t do their homework. It’s the intelligence agencies who run silicone valley and they are not interested in advertising gym equipment and motivational courses. They use it to control the way populations think and behave.

    Secondly, another thing these productions do is take the most outlandish ‘conspiracy theories like flat earth, fake moon landings, reptiles, and yes, a child sex ring in a pizza shop basement and use it as a wrapper for actual conspiracies that have been proven like pizza gate which was revealed by WikiLeaks involving Hillary Clinton, her charity, John Podesta, and a bunch of others who were directly linked to child sex trafficking rings in Haiti and have emails available on Wikileaks where they are discussing what seems to be paedophilia using the word ‘pizza’ as a codeword completely out of context. That’s where the whole pizza gate thing came from. The association with a Pizza shop basement is what you’d call ‘running interference’ with planted stories (aka. actual fake news) to discredit any meaningful lines of investigation, and it worked.

    Also the way they show the gormless teenager being radicalised by conspiracy theorist content with no acknowledgement to the fact that the biggest perpetrators of lies, misinformation, division and misery is without a doubt the state.

    Silicone valley and the government are quickly becoming indistinguishable and they are doing everything within their power to control the narrative in order to maintain control so the idea that that big tech has no alternative agenda than to make money from giving you more content based on your likes and views is not supported by the fact that they are censoring content that challenges the official narrative while they line their pockets with billion-pound contracts from the state.

    And let’s not forget the omnipresent Red boogieman Vladimir Putin who is the only one using social media to manipulate the masses. No mention of the US running vast underground server farms with built-in back doors to all the big silicon valley companies to harvest all our data from emails to telephone calls. Literally all governments with enough resources do it, but the US is by far the worst offender.

    Yet, no mention of this. Then to top it all off they go to the senate committee as the arbiter of justice and morality to appeal to them for more moderation and government intervention (problem, action, solution) – the exact people who helped facilitate the situation and directly profit from it. For the record, the most advanced tech research labs are run by the Pentagon and Israel (with the Chinese government hot on their heels) – not weed-smoking sandal-wearing hipsters.

    To conclude, an interesting program but this is watered down for mass consumption with a simple narrative of bad greedy capitalist out of control, whilst guiding people away from questioning the deeper issues of government coercion and control using the fear of flat earth radicals converting our gormless teenagers into conspiracy theorists who get arrested at protests.

  2. Gen Agustsson

    i haven’t watch social dilemma but my mom has. government is the worst offender!

  3. David

    Bingo! I stopped watching midway, as soon as I heard flat earth and the gate. As a producer and have used this issue to smear truth… I can’t even rage now. The Lord is giving people opportunities to wake up, but they, they just want to be accepted as not quack. OK then, I know what my soul is worth.

    For the love of GOD.

    I searched just to see if anyone was keen to the tricks as I am.

    Humanity needs to wake up; they are in a deeper hell then they can ever imagine.
    GOD is Truth.


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