The rollout of COVID-19 vaccines has already begun around the world, but there are still important questions we should be considering prior to taking any of these vaccines.

Let’s ask some basic questions about the COVID19 vaccine. Please share this list and comment below with your questions.

1. Why is the media ignoring reports that four of the vaccines could cause HIV in some people?

2. Why is the media ignoring the reports of spinal injury from at least one of the vaccines?

3. Why is the media ignoring the Pfizer and Moderna executives stating that they are not sure the vaccines will even stop the spread of COVID19?

4. Will those who receive the COVID19 vaccines “shed” the disease and make other people sick?

5. Why is the media ignoring the immunity (Also known as indemnity) given to vaccine manufacturers in the event you or family are injured? (See this and this)

6. Why are governments considering preventing freedom of movement without proof of vaccination for something with a 99% survival rate?


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  1. Julie Lavallee

    I love your Insight and research into the issues that affect us. The truth is kept from us consistently and we are herded like sheep. What is their agenda? Thank you for bringing so many of these things to light. With accurate knowledge people can make informed choices.

  2. John

    Since the fraud surrounding the state issued birth cert was identified, their fraudulent system was doomed to fail. Because fraud has been exposed on multiple levels, the v4tic4n, british crown and state must now return everything back to the rightful and lawful owners. The People. Unfortunately, these entities have no intention of giving up their proceeds of crime. Hence the toxic vax. By instigating genocide on a global scale, ultimately reduces the number of people eligible for re-compensation. Allowing these evil entities to keep part of their haul. The second function of the vax, is to act as the mechanism for slavery without the need of their fraudulent birth cert. Ultimately, anyone that survives the vax, will become the property of whomever owns the patent for that vax. Again, reducing the number of people eligible for re-compensation. They are evil personified. With the v4tic4n at the top of the tree. The Pope cannot be removed UNLESS he commits crimes against humanity. Hopefully, the people will begin to understand the true purpose of the scamdemic fraud.

  3. John

    A recent update on the criminal cases being bought against the UK Gov dated 30th December. Since this update, The freedom cycle have announced they have all the prima facie evidence required to proceed with private criminal prosecutions.

    In perhaps the most controversial post I’ve ever made, I can now confirm that official data shows that the first and second waves of alleged Covid deaths correspond with the roll out of this year’s WHO-approved flu vaccines. Evidence from the WHO’s own records shows that the shots are known to kill 5 out of every 1,324 healthy adults, as well as causing 344 to have medically attended adverse events. It therefore appears obvious that the manufacturers of the scamdemic played a classic bait and switch move, in order to create plausible deniability for this year’s deaths from flu vaccines and to guarantee a whole lot more fatalities from the Covid jabs, which they intend to inject us all with in 2021.

    The Genocidal Switcheroo
    Damning evidence from the WHO in my possession implicitly states that the current batch of UK flu shots is expected to kill 377 of every 100,000 healthy adults, between 18 and 65. However, that mortality rate would obviously increase substantially for the elderly and sick, who were the largest UK demographic to receive it by 26/03/2020 [8.5 m of the 14 m vaccinated by that date]. In such circumstances, out of the 14 million vaccinated with the flu shot during the first 12 weeks of 2020, at least 52,780 would have been expected to suffer fatal adverse events from the vaccines administered. That being the case, the government needed the Coronavirus Act 2020 to suspend autopsies, which obviously could have established the predominant cause of death was the flu vaccines, rather than the government lurgy that has never even been proven to exist.

    Grim Mortality Prediction
    If this incredibly serious allegation of bait and switch has substance, I can now predict with relative and grim certainty, that in the event 30 million healthy adults receive one of the WHO-approved flu vaccines in the UK, 113,100 would be expected to die within 22 days of the injection. Which the government would obviously claim is merely the latest surge of lurgy deaths, as the second flu shot season draws to an end, along with the worst year in living memory, during which no vaccine deaths have been recorded, to the very best of my knowledge. Whilst only time will tell whether that grim prediction comes true [and I sincerely hope that it doesn’t], the best way to unequivocally prove that COVID deaths are in fact vaccine mortalities is to perform autopsies on the bodies of the dead.

    Fatal Coincidence
    Nevertheless, we already know that the end of the first flu shot season this year was 26/03 – the day they passed the Coronavirus Act 2020. A fatal coincidence, if ever there was one. The mortality spike that followed the initial lockdown from 23/03/2020, was, it logically follows, due to the surge of adverse events from 14 million vaccinations, over the first 12 weeks of the year. Quite simply, the more people who took the vaccine each week, the more people died and were falsely recorded as Covid deaths, which actually began in January and not March, according to official data. In other words, they started falsifying the cause of death as being Covid in the same month this year’s first round of flu shots began. Which is why the suspension of autopsies prescribed by the 2020 Act was integral to the perpetuation of the scamdemic and the creation of the genocidal government policy which continues unabated.

    Mass Sterilisation Agenda
    We don’t know for sure if the mortality rate will be the same, similar, more or less, but all the evidence we have strongly suggests that the primary purpose of the Covid vaccines is to switch off our reproductive systems, whilst permanently altering our DNA. Provided, of course, that we manage to survive being poisoned with all manner of Big Pharma toxins and having nanobots let loose on our central nervous system. However, we will know the answer soon enough, as the government are effectively continuing the testing stage right now, using the public as guinea pigs, in a ‘live’ experiment of genuinely Malthusian proportions. They already appear to be covering up the mortality rate and other adverse effects from the vaccine, while ramping up the scam of the second strain of the government lurgy, which has never been and never will be either isolated or purified.

    Judgment Day Draws Ever Closer
    It goes without saying that as soon as we have enough prima facie evidence to nail these charges and more, in the Private Criminal Prosecution of those who stand accused of fraud, treason and mass murder, we will proceed without hesitation. Nevertheless, it is also worthy of note that the bait and switch described above is exactly the same kind of fraud the banksters love to play, which confirms who our real adversaries are in this mortal war of attrition, for those who still require confirmation of that fact. Since the Rothschild cartel sits behind the curtain and pull the strings of their academic, scientific, media and political puppets, who will all no doubt sing like canaries when they appear before their juries, to defend their indefensible crimes against the people. My instinct tells me that the exposure of this genocidal bait and switch has the potential to blow the lid off the whole scam a mile high, once we have all the prima facie evidence required to sustain the most serious allegations ever made in a Common Law court.


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