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The rollout of COVID-19 vaccines has already begun around the world, but there are still important questions we should be considering prior to taking any of these vaccines.

Let’s ask some basic questions about the COVID19 vaccine. Please share this list and comment below with your questions.

1. Why is the media ignoring reports that four of the vaccines could cause HIV in some people?

2. Why is the media ignoring the reports of spinal injury from at least one of the vaccines?

3. Why is the media ignoring the Pfizer and Moderna executives stating that they are not sure the vaccines will even stop the spread of COVID19?

4. Will those who receive the COVID19 vaccines “shed” the disease and make other people sick?

5. Why is the media ignoring the immunity (Also known as indemnity) given to vaccine manufacturers in the event you or family are injured? (See this and this)

6. Why are governments considering preventing freedom of movement without proof of vaccination for something with a 99% survival rate?

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