So About That 5G-COVID19 “Study”….

Derrick Broze breaks down the latest news on a recently published editorial claiming a connection between millimeter waves used by 5G technology and COVID19

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2 Responses

  1. Betty

    Your THE BEST ~
    *News Reporter*
    That I’ve Ever Seen or Heared, in 20 years.

  2. Betty

    Thank You *?*
    I just found out, about You a couple of weeks ago. & I’m Amazed at Your Ability to ~ Think & Ask ~ all the Right Questions.
    & how you, go about it all.
    With Style & Grace.
    That’s what gets People’s attention & respect.
    & I like how you, do your research.
    So you’ll know everything you can, about all this.
    & get to, heart of these VIP matters.
    So that everyone
    Wake Up & See The Truth.
    Through All The Lies. & Fake Stories.
    & This is what has been, Destroying (not just) People’s lives.
    But, it was Destroying Our Nation & Our Whole World. ??????
    & I know*!*
    Nobody could have done a better job, of all this ~
    ~ Than You ~ Amazing ~ How You came along, at just the right time.
    To get People’s Attention.
    When, Nobody’s else could.
    Nobody beleived, Anybody
    Then, You came along.
    & You, got through to the masses.
    You stood up for us.
    & I Thank You GOD*BLESS*YOU*
    You’ve Given Us, Hope*!*
    When, We Needed It The Most. Thank You*!*

    & I’ve was getting really worried.
    That their, weren’t any good decent People left.
    Especially good *Investogative Reporters* ….?….
    But then, TaDa*?*
    ((((Here You Are))))
    *Thank GOD* because,
    *Mother Earth* needs a lot more *Super Hero’s*
    *Like You*
    & I wish You, all the Best.
    Because ~ You Are ~
    *Refreshingly Brilliant*?*Thank You*!*
    Betty ? Bee


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