It’s no secret that millions of Americans are completely fed up with the current establishment and its (mis)management of pretty much everything. Fifteen long years of war, massive bank bailouts, infringement on civil liberties, and crumbling infrastructure to name a few have led to millions of Americans flocking to yet more political messiahs. Cue the freak show!

On the Left you have Bernie Sanders claiming that he will be able to solve all of the nation’s problems by taxing “The 1%.” Now I will admit that I believed this was a good idea four years ago, but fortunately I grew up. His supporters will claim that he can pay for all of his programs and nobody will notice anythings because we’ll all be so much better off. When they are confronted with the fact that his proposals won’t actually work they will go into diatribes about how you must “hate the poor.” Then when they try to tell you St. Bernie is anti war because he voted against the invasion of Iraq (the lone requirement by Democrats and other faux leftists to be “anti-war”). Completely forgetting that he repeatedly voted in favor of funding that disaster, plus the one in Afghanistan, plus he supported the NATO bombing of Kosovo and Libya. Not very anti-war to me. However, Sanders won’t actually be nominated, not because he doesn’t have support to win, but because the establishment in the Democratic Party has rigged the election in favor Hillary “what difference does it make” Clinton. Her supporters also claim she’s anti-establishment because of her genitalia. “Vote for Hillary because she cares about women and it’s time for a woman president!” Hillary does care about women, provided that they don’t live in Libya, Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Ukraine, or happen to be pre-born. Then, they don’t really matter and violently killing them is perfectly fine. Great choices, I’m to vomit now.

Moving on to the right wing of the insane asylum, we’ve seen the rise of an ultra-nationalist Donald Trump, who likes to blame problems on immigrants and Muslims. He too has solutions to all of America’s ills. One, make Muslims wear special identification. Second, deport all illegal aliens. Finally, build a wall and make Mexico pay for. Never mind that everyone of those “solutions” are completely immoral, they would be incredibly expensive as well. Then there’s Ted Cruz who wants see how many bombing runs it would take to “make sand glow,” and that’s just two of them!

To summarize, you have war mongering, economic illiterates, matched up against the exact same thing. Clearly, there are no real differences between the two sides.

“But if you don’t vote, you can’t complain!” Actually, I can. I refuse to take part in a process that leads to plundering and murder. Politics can never lead to lasting, positive change. Force and violence will eventually rear its ugly head, even if you don’t see it right off the bat. If you really want change, stop looking towards political messiahs. Look instead at yourself, and start changing from there. For those on the left, please pick an economics book (Economics In One Lesson would be great), and stop claiming your messiahs actually care about the poor and are anti-war. For those on the right, it’s great that many of you care about the lives of pre-born children, but please remember that immigrants and Muslims are just as human as they are. Then encourage others to change along with you. No one single solution can solve all of our problems, and that is precisely the problem of producing meaningful change through politics. Politics produces one size fits all solutions to problems, and people wonder why nothing ever seems to change. Abandon the political monster, and then, then you can have your precious “change.”

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  1. Gen Agustsson

    to answer the question if i want change and my answer is yes i want some changes!


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