Journalist Derrick Broze breaks down his latest article “The Coming Terror of Social Impact Finance and Social Credit Scores”, written for The Last American Vagabond. Derrick looks at the actions and words of Ted Kaczynski through the lens of the Great Reset, social credit scores and social impact finance.




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  1. Laura Borst

    MKULTRA, the government program that Theodore Kaczinski, was subjected to, is also a psychiatric program. Psychiatry is more tied in to the state and other authoritarian control systems than any other branch of medicine. MKULTRA involved the CIA and psychiatry collaborating with each other to research and develop mind control. According to the Alliance for Human Research Protection(www dot ahrp dot org), some thought that the MKULTRA program was to “Americanize” psychiatric/psychological “research” done by paperclipped Nazis in concentration camps, and put those “theories” developed under such ethically polluted Nazi “research” under the names of “American” mental “health” “experts”. Psychiatry and the government were “researching” ways to bully people. And Kaczinski was one of the victims.


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