Derrick Broze apologizes for being wrong about the connection between 5g and COVID19.

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A Critical Examination of the Coronavirus-5G Connection

Important Questions Regarding the Current Health Situation – Thomas Cowan

COVID19 and 5G Potential Connection – Dr. Martin Pall

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8 Responses

  1. Angus

    ‘The truth is we don’t really know shit.’ But ‘you are powerful, beautiful and free’. Despite being totally ignorant…

  2. Tr uth

    Are you aware of the industry refusal, or banning the production of EMF detectors that can measure 5G? Pretty hard to get readings when no one can get their hands on the tech to do that. James Corbett is a shill….he is controlled opposition. Quoting hellywood actors? Seriously? There has been alot of research into the effects of 60 ghz in animals, and of course the powers love to promote the truth, in mainstream media. Watching 5G being installed in schools while the world is locked inside, and seeing plain clothes cops bullying people who ask questions, does not take much of a leap to make a condition. It’s a fact that what the WHO is claiming to be cv 19, is actually exosomes!!! “We don’t know shit?” “We are free?” Are you new?

  3. Tr uth

    You say 5G is a cumulative effect emf biological weapon, but can you prove that? Can you prove people won’t be dropping like flies? It’s been proven that 5G disrupts human cells, that in turn trigger exosome production, which is exactly what the WHO claims is cv 19.

  4. Human Being

    Hey Truth, people like you piss me off… Where ‘has it been proven’ that “5G disrupts human cells, that in turn trigger exosome production”? Site peer reviewed studies. Not just ‘news’ or Independent media articles siting _other_ articles. SITE the studies. You post random ‘statistics’ and speak in absolutes you deem to be true, yet have no proof, no studies, no research, no data; nothing to VERIFY your claims. But you have no problem shitting on someone else who’s at least siting where he’s getting his information from e.g. Derrick Broze in this video.

    And by your line of rationale, by rebutting any information anyone gives you because (insert reason here aka ‘because you say so’) I can make the same reasoning for why you’re full of shit, to the point it’s seeping out of your ears. You’re as big a sheep to the “woke” movement as you claim the normies are sheep to the MSM/Big Government. If every study or every independent thinker speaking out against something YOU disagree with is paid opposition (because you say so), then there can truly be no qualification for determining what is “verifiable” and what is not.

    IMHO, based on your comments, I’ve confirmed you are suffering from these things:
    1) Circular Reasoning
    2) Cognitive Dissonance
    3) Dunning-Kruger effect

    –> I know I have no idea who you are, how old you are, where you’re from, how long you were brainwashed in school, how much MSM you watch, or anything else about you, but those 3 things I stated MUST be true, “because I say so”.

    You want actual information backed by data & science? *Watch this video from a Scientist, who’s been on YouTube for over a decade making _BUSTED_ videos* 5G causes Coronavirus: BUSTED!!!

    But let me guess, you don’t have time to watch that video? Or if you do, he must be a paid shill just like you claim James Corbett is paid opposition?… You make any & all excuse to fit your own narrative regardless of the lack of facts, supporting information, nor documentation. You’re a mindless hypocrite who spouts whatever you “determine” to me true in your own head.

  5. Angus

    Are you basing your exosome pitch on Dr Andy Kaufman’s presentation on the subject?

  6. Janis Jenkins

    The book by Arthur Firstenberg ↘️”The Invisible Rainbow, a History of Electricity & Life” ↙️explains clearly the relationship between the so-called “flu” pandemics and the release of electricity and all of its cousins. So, YES, Covid19 has been caused by the roll-out of 5G. ➡️ EVERYONE ⬅️needs to read this book to get a clear understanding of why all of life on this planet has been adversely affected by electricity and its cousins. Firstenberg is calling for serious opposers of 5G to give up their cell phones. ?


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