Welcome Back

The Conscious Resistance Network (TCRN) has returned after a two month hiatus. We are back to producing weekly content with a new writing team and vlogs from our newest team member Katy Khaos! Be sure to check out our team page to learn more about who is a part of the growing #ConsciousResistance!

Along with new writers and hosts we are also opening the website up to contributors! If you are interested in having your words or videos hosted on our site please check out this page! We are looking for individuals who are on their path to freedom and understand the importance of compassion, and self-awareness! If you are interested in becoming involved on a regular basis we will connect you with all our available resources, including contacts and press passes!

Currently we will be featuring weekly articles from John Vibes, Anthony Aguero, Damon Shaw and Jeffer Thomasson.

Katy Khaos will be releasing her weekly vlogs discussing voluntaryism, freedom, and whatever else is on her mind!

Zack Odom will be debuting his debate/talk show The Junto later this Summer!

The Conscious Resistance, hosted by your truly, airs every Sunday night at 8 CST right here! Beginning Monday July 21st TCRN will be partnering with the Voluntary Virtues Network to air my show on Monday nights at 5 pm CST! If you miss it either of those days it will be on the youtube channel immediately afterwards!

As we continue to grow we would like to thank everyone who has supported this idea the past 3 years, and specifically since November 2013 when #TheConsciousResistance evolve into a network!

We hope to keep bringing you thought-provoking, informative, and enlightening content! If you are interested in investing in our efforts please check this page!

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Thanks for the support!

If you can see this, you are the Resistance!


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