November 30, 2014 The Conscious Resistance Live #32 with Derrick Broze. Derrick covers a variety of news and important topics from the last week. Also music!



Hong Kong Police Begin Clearing Protesters, Arrest Student Leaders

Houston Police Department Moves to Adopt Body Cameras

UN Human Rights Experts Ask Obama Not to Allow Redaction of Torture Report

Top Stories:
Indigenous Resistance:
*Cree Nation Youth Council Launches ‪#‎STANDAGAINSTURANIUM‬ March*

Canadian Trappers Block Oil Companies

*Federal Judge: ATF is Encouraging People to Commit Crimes*

*ACLU of California Releases Guide on Surveillance for Communities*

*ACLU Seeks More Information on Cell Phone Monitoring on Planes*

This Week In History:
Sandy Creek Massacre

Study: Expressions of Gratitude Build Better Relationships

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