Watch live at 8 pm Central Here or Here.

Tune in tonight at 8 pm Central for episode ten of the Conscious Resistance Live with Derrick Broze. This week Derrick talks to truth seeker, truth speaker, TPP activist, lover of earth and humanity, Emily Laincz.

Derrick will also be covering his top stories of the week including the Hemp Resolution in the Farm Bill, the ACLU lawsuit over license plate readers, and more.

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In the second hour of the show we will air episode 3 of the Culture Shock with JG Vibes. We will also take a look at the debut episode of a new series from Lifting the Veil, “Agitators of the Agora” featuring Derrick.

And of course tune in before the show at 7:50 to hear the music! Every week we air 4 independent music videos during the show and you can vote on your favorite!

Tune in live at 8 pm Central Here or Here.



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