TCR Live #107: Ask Me Anything About the Mexico Project!

Derrick Broze checks in from Mexico to share a bit about what’s been happening in Mexico, the plan for the underground railroad, the plan for building a network of free communities, and much more!

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  1. Christy Ceraso

    When you said your email the audio got warped. I am interested participating in creating a village in Mexico. I am in Hawaii, Big Island, and I dont want to stay in the US. I am a professional therapist, specializing in healing trauma, and I am also a gardener with training in permaculture. Please include me in your info regarding your projects. I can tell you more about myself when you get in touch with me. Thank you.

  2. Angie Valdez

    Derick, what is the process if one wanted to move to Mexico? I live in US, California. I’ve become much depressed about everything going on here, and the things to come. These are scary times I worry a lot about what’s going to happen next, it’s affecting me bad don’t know where to go lived here all my life.

  3. Doreen Adams

    Hi Derrick –
    I watched your video with James Corbett, found your website, and enjoyed this video, as well. I’ve been vegan for 20 years, for the animals and all suffering. I connected to your energy, deep and positive. I own a home in Massachusetts, have money to invest, but not ready to leave. I was raised here, moved to Hawaii for 10 years and returned home in 2015. I don’t plan to take a vaccine, so have stockpiled food and water – in addition to my well water. I’ve added a wood stove, in addition to oil and propane. I am a psychotherapist here in Mass; we’re all dealing with severely deranged individuals – megalomaniacs – in local governments (baker), the u.s. government, and the Deep State, so at this point I’m not sure where is safe and not even sure what “safe” means anymore. I wish you the best luck to you and your family, including your pet rat Grape (the name is very cute, btw) Thank you and I’m looking forward to following where life takes you.


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