Derrick Broze checks in for the latest episode of The Conscious Resistance Live on The Conscious Resistance Network. This week Derrick breaks down a few more examples of disinformation floating around the internet – particularly FB. Derrick also discusses the FACT that Google and FB and other Big Tech companies cannot be correctly described as “private companies”.

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Surveillance Updates

ACLU, EFF, and Tarver Law Offices Urge Supreme Court to Protect Against Forced Disclosure of Phone Passwords to Law Enforcement | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Video Hearing Tuesday: ACLU, EFF Urge Court to Require Warrants for Border Searches of Digital Devices | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Clearview’s Dangerous Misreading of the First Amendment Could Spell the End of Privacy Laws

Big Tech is not a Private Company

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5 Responses

  1. Pena

    Nice article but missing the point: they are private companies – like the hospital, the phone company, the airline, the financial firm, the funeral parlor are private companies. Can they use the lame excuse that they are private to refuse service and create an apartheid society? The phone company cannot eavesdrop, record and analyze all your calls or drop you if they don’t like your thoughts or speech. Right ? So isn’t it time to regulate these public square / utility like entities before they become so immense they will overwhelm any country?

  2. Robert

    Well Parler is gone now? for now. I have a comment on Rumble:
    I think they’re co-opted. REASON: they REQUIRE acct verification by text (IE specific phone no.) I feel like this is to identify you.
    Furthermore when I did it disabled my phone. I started bitching about it then it magically fixed itself.

  3. Anonymous

    on divided states of delusion
    I hang on to FB to reach the sheep too. Mostly migrating elsewhere now.
    And I get with all the different disinfo. campaigns how it gets frustrating. For me too. Like just listening to you is a total gear shift for me.
    On FB the only ones I seem to have left are like preaching to the choir.
    For you though, great benefit soccer moms etc.
    Don’t let it destroy you man. Take some time for yourself or a day off now and then. Don’t stress out too much.
    Yeah everyone digs in to their theories and start a movement that is just toxic. I think Mike Adams is a prime example. I have more direct experience with him.
    yeah hey man I like your objectivity and broad knowledge. I’m going to follow this Greater Reset thing as much as time will allow solutions I like it
    I think hang on to FB for the low awareness crowd. Don’t commit don’t participate but don’t burn that bridge. “they” talk about doing away with it who knows
    It’s been enlightening. Good common sense stuff.
    Great conclusion too.

  4. Anonymous

    I have been using the moniker Robert Arctor
    FB WeGo now just new
    just want to encourage your work
    very levelheaded


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