Derrick Broze checks in for episode 90 of The Conscious Resistance Live. He spends an hour ranting about the following three stories and more.

Jeffrey Epstein Settles Out of Court in Civil Trial to Avoid Release of New Info–dry-run/2018/12/jeffrey-epstein-settles-out-of-court-in-civil-trial-to-avoid-release-of-new-info/

Climate Engineering Programs Are Inevitable–dry-run/2018/12/climate-engineering-programs-are-inevitable/

Connecticut Senator Calls on FCC Commissioner to Disclose Safety Data for 5G Networks–dry-run/2018/12/connecticut-senator-calls-on-fcc-commissioner-to-disclose-safety-data-for-5g-networks

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One Response

  1. Stewart

    Lots of good material. The problem is that we are now at “High Noon” and they have pulled their trigger as our website documents.


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