Welcome friends!

First off all thank you to everyone who continues to support the growth of The Conscious Resistance Network and TCR Live. We are receiving a wave of new traffic and contacts from interested individuals. The immediate response has been overwhelming and reassuring. Due to the demand in work and possibilities, We have added a couple new team members.

Sam Wagner joined the team on December 16th with the release of his first piece, “Introduction, Intent, Insurrection”. Sam is a media activist/journalist based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Brandon BC is helping out with graphics, photography and writing. Brandon is the Owner of BC Walk Photo/Video/Design and a great addition to the team.

Neil Radimaker of Uncorporate Media has been a tremendous asset and the operation could not be what it is currently without him. Neil is our webmaster and all around tech-ninja.

Our recent guest, and great friend of mine, JG Vibes will be joining the team to help launch our “Culture Shock” segment. JG is a great writing talent and sure to offer insight into our new segment which will analyze different aspects of mainstream culture from a conscious perspective.

For more on the team check out the About page. We are expecting a few more writing submissions and will be announcing the full team shortly. We have also received submissions for new shows on the network. We welcome all submissions. Please send them to Derrick@theconsciousresistance.com

As the team grows so does our ability to branch out, launch new projects and try new content. In the coming weeks I will begin doing two videos a week in addition to the Sunday live show, and man on the street interviews.

Wednesdays will be The Conscious Thought of the Day where I will reflect on various topics.

Friday Feedback will feature commentary from the various twitter, facebook, and youtube videos we release. Be sure to check back here for all the latest information on the Conscious Resistance.

The struggle between freedom and slavery is a delicate one. I believe eventually each of us will wake to our deeper nature and potential. I also believe there are steps we can take in our lives to help the process along, for ourselves and others. If you want to become an active supporter of the cause of a more conscious, connected, and free world, please share the sites, Invest, and continue to do your own personal work.


– Derrick

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