The Conscious Resistance Network presents: The Activation

What Is The Conscious Agora? – In the first episode of The Activation, Derrick Broze shares his vision of an intentional community project he calls The Conscious Agora. Derrick describes the principles backing the community and his plans for building one of these Conscious Agora’s in Mexico.

Music for The Activation provided by Freejay MacLoud

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Show notes:
Welcome to The Conscious Agora PDF

Derrick’s book The Conscious Resistance Trilogy (which includes the essays on TCA)

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The Activation podcast is focused on highlighting cutting edge solutions to empower humanity. From Web3 tech, permaculture, non-violent communication, activism, and community organizing, host Derrick Broze will focus on what YOU can do to overcome the problems in our world. Derrick will also interview guests who are building the solutions for the next stage of humanity.

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  1. Lynn

    Thank you, friend, for the inspiration you and your partner seem incarnated to shine. We feel we are meant to stay in the city. Not ideal. But I believe my partner and I are meant to model how to sustain ourselves and the earth below radar, while in the midst of small city life, if anyone is interested. We’re all here at this time for a reason. Keep going!


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