The Conscious Resistance Network founder Derrick Broze and writer John Vibes are currently working on a forthcoming book that will explore the synthesis of the ideas of freedom and the philosophy of Anarchy with the teachings of a variety of spiritual traditions.

The book will be released for free at the Free Your Mind Conference in Philadelphia from April 10 to the 12th. The book will also be released in audio book format, and PDF. If you are interested in contributing art for the book cover check out this contest!

John and Derrick are excited to venture into relatively unexplored territory. In anticipation of the books release we offer you a preview of the table of contents. Enjoy.

The Conscious Resistance: Reflections on Anarchy and Spirituality

Chapter 1 – What is the Conscious Resistance?

Chapter 2 – Explorative Agnosticism

Chapter 3 – Reality Beyond the 5 Senses: Beyond Logic, Beyond Reason

Chapter 4 – Anarchy Without Adjectives

Chapter 5 – Tomorrow’s Inner Child Will Save The World

Chapter 6 – Recognizing Animal and Plant Consciousness

Chapter 7 – Conscious Healing (music, drumming, meditation, addiction)

Chapter 8 – Vision Quests and Solitude

Chapter 9 – Are We All One: Collectivism vs Individuality

Chapter 10 – Intersections Of Shamanism And Anarchism

Chapter 11 – Intersections of Christianity And Anarchism

Chapter 12 – Intersections Of Islam And Anarchism

Chapter 13 – Intersections Of Judaism And Anarchism

Chapter 14 – Intersections Of Buddhism And Anarchism

Chapter 15 – Intersections of Taoism And Anarchism

Chapter 16 – Zomia And The Art Of Not Being Governed
Chapter 17:  Our Journeys

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