The Conscious Resistance Trilogy

By Derrick Broze & John Vibes

Released March 2020


In March 2020, Derrick Broze and John Vibes partnered with Discovery Publisher to update and rerelease their three books as one new version The Conscious Resistance trilogy. This version features new chapters, added notes, and updated essays. This is The Conscious Resistance Trilogy as it was intended to be read.

“While The Conscious Resistance Trilogy was written for the reader interested in meditation, consciousness, indigenous teachings, and spirituality, its deeper message lies in the Philosophy of Freedom, Self-Governance, and Anarchism — from the Greek “anarchos,” “having no ruler.” The Conscious Resistance Trilogy is an exploration into the practical as well as the spiritual realms of the true meaning of Freedom.

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In Part I, Reflections on Anarchy and Spirituality, authors Derrick Broze and John Vibes lay out the case for a synthesis of spiritual teachings and Anarchist Philosophy as an empowered path towards a freer, and more conscious world. This part features discussions on the intersection of Anarchy and Shamanism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Hinduism.

In Part II, Finding Freedom in an Age of Confusion, we focus on the heart and soul of activists, truth seekers, and freethinkers. A series of essays explores the human struggle in the search for freedom, discussing overcoming depression, confusion and fear that can come along with understanding the circumstances of our present situation.

In Part III, Manifesto of the Free Humans, we explore deeper concepts outlined in Parts I and II, including Anarchism, Agorism, community building, spiritual healing, property, decentralization, permaculture, and methods for resisting the State. The authors also explore the history of America’s individual Anarchist movement and the concept of Sovereignty of the Individual. The final section outlines a vision for an intentional community based on these concepts and outlines how this community will attempt to live the message of The Conscious Resistance or Holistic Anarchism.”

The Conscious Resistance Trilogy (* indicates a new or updated chapter)


Book 1: Reflections on Anarchy & Spirituality

Part 1 – Naming the Path
Chapter 1 – What is the Conscious Resistance?
Chapter 2 – Explorative Agnosticism
Chapter 3 – Reality Beyond the 5 Senses: Beyond Logic & Reason
Chapter 4 – Towards Panarchy: Anarchy Without Adjectives
Chapter 5 – Healing the Inner Child Today will Save the World Tomorrow
Chapter 6 – Consciousness & Rights Applied to Animals, Plants and Earth
Chapter 7 – Conscious Healing
Chapter 8 – Rites of Vigil and Solitude
Chapter 9 – Are We All One? Collectivism vs Individuality
Chapter 10 -Balancing the Feminine and the Masculine

Part 2 – Anti-Authoritarianism in World Traditions
Chapter 11 – Intersections of Shamanism and Anarchism
Anarchism and Abrahamic Religions
Chapter 12 – Intersections of Christianity and Anarchism
Chapter 13 – Intersections of Judaism and Anarchism *
Chapter 14 – Intersections of Islam and Anarchism
Anarchism and Eastern Traditions
Chapter 15 – Intersections of Buddhism and Anarchism
Chapter 16 – Intersections of Taoism and Anarchism
Chapter 17 – Intersections of Confucianism and Anarchism *
Chapter 18 – The Art Of Not Being Governed *

Book 2: Finding Freedom In An Age of Confusion

1. You Are a Pioneer of Peace
2. Reclaiming Your Self-Esteem
3. You Are Divine
4. Trust Yourself, Vacate the State
5. You Are Not Alone
6. Learn From Everyone But Be Your Own Teacher
7. Understanding Family and Friends
8. The Rabbit Hole Trap *
9. The State is Not Invincible It’s Just a Bad Idea
10. The Golden Age Is Now
11. The Sky May Be Falling But It’s Only a Storm
12. The Illusion of Race *
13. Another Look At the Doomsday Myth
14. There is Nothing Positive About Willful Ignorance

Tools for Action

15. What is Meditation and How do I meditate?
16. Non-Violent Communication
17. Affirming the Positive and Manifesting Reality

Book 3: Manifesto Of The Free Humans

Part 1: A Strategy for Defeating the State
1.Overcoming the Fear of Freedom
2. What is Agorism?
3. Vertical and Horizontal Agorism
4. Spontaneous Order
5. Agorism Is Not Anarcho-Capitalism
6. On Non-Voting *

Part 2: Our Vision of a Stateless Society
7. Providing Public Services Peacefully
8. Stewardship of The Earth
9. The Authoritarian Right and Left
10. Identifying the Alt-Right Infection *
11. On the Use of Force *
12. Panarchist Experiments: Can Propertarians & Non-Propertarians CoExist?
13. The Revolutionary Potential of “Illegal” Immigrants

Part 3: Creating Conscious Agoras
14. Sovereignty of The Individual
15. PermAgora
16. Strong Hearts and Revolutionary Minds
17. Mobility vs. Homesteading
18. Getting Off The Control Grid and Defending The Agora

Part 4: Understanding Holistic Anarchism
19. Defining Holistic Activism/ Anarchism *
20. The Intersection of Relational and Holistic Anarchism *

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