By: Shane Radliff

Liberty Under Attack


Earlier this month, we released the second edition of The Freedom Umbrella of Direct Action, which is a judgement free directory of the economic means solutions that we were able to compile. That being said, starting on January 3rd, Liberty Under Attack Radio will be premiering the direct action series. In this series, we will interview folks that specialize in their respective method(s) of direct action, in hopes of providing our listeners with the information necessary to get them started in selecting which forms would best suit their lives.

January is completely booked, and to give TCR an exclusive update, here are the first two interviews in the series:

We certainly hope you tune-in live every Sunday at 6pm CST at the Freedom Phalanx Radio Network, and if you’ve got a question for our guests, please do give us a call during the live show.

If you have any suggestions for future editions, please contact me:

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