For those who might not be aware – I did not come to Mexico for a vacation. I came here to live and to live with a purpose.
This is the next step in my journey towards the land project that I call The Conscious Agora. I first wrote about this in 2016 in my book Manifesto of the Free Humans. I described the intentional community/village I want to build and be a part of. I originally planned to do this in Texas but in the last few years I have watched the U.S. descend quicker into authoritarianism and authority worship from all sides. I decided I wanted to shift my energies and focus to Mexico. We are going to use the principles and strategies of permaculture to build our vision.

In my recent book, How To Opt Out of the Technocratic State, I discuss the decision to come to Mexico and start building the Counter-Economic Underground Railroad, aka the Modern Underground Railroad, or simply, the Underground Railroad. This network of safe houses and spaces will connect a network of communities and people who are looking to escape from places which see a rise in authoritarianism and suppression of freedoms. The Conscious Agora will be one of these spaces and we will use Freedom Cells to lay the foundation.

I am here to make sure that when my friends and family finally see what I have seen for a decade that there is a place to go to. I am doing this because I want to live in line with my values and I cannot do that existing within the mainstream matrix. I am doing this to prepare for the division and tyranny that is coming for the United States. I am doing this so we have a network and can stand a chance at helping those in need and fighting when/if that time comes.

I don’t know, maybe I am nuts? Either way, even if disaster is somehow averted, I am living the life in line with my values and building the world I want. I know that the struggles humanity is collectively going through are the birthing pains for the future we can create. All we need to do is let go of our fear and embrace our own power.

This is what I am doing in Mexico. I look forward to working with you.

Much love

– Derrick Broze

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  1. JamJarChris

    “I don’t know, maybe I am nuts?”
    No way, and if you are, they so are we. Moved 13 years ago for the same reasons.
    You will thrive – peace and love.

  2. highplaces

    You sound so much like myself six years ago. This vision and endeavor of yours and even some of your wording is nearly verbatim to my own back when I was endeavoring something similar… on a smaller scale but a landing pad elsewhere for friends when they finally saw what I saw.

    I got a download of sorts in 2009 to begin the process of finding a new home outside of the States and that the second half of my life would be established elsewhere. What a journey that began. I left the States in 2011. No one could could understand the impelling I had or how I could go off and blow every cent I had to live in other countries by myself where I knew no one, but I had to check them out… no one was a reference for me.

    You’re not crazy. It’s wonderful. And like you said, if the worst doesn’t materialize, you will have created and be living something as close to alignment with your values as possible.

  3. Nathalie Lavallée

    Hi, I am interested in your agora conscious project. Where do you want to buy the land In Mexico. I have some momey to invest and my unique objectif is to participate in a ecovillage with permaculture.
    Thank you


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