The time has come to conclude 2021 and march confidently into whatever 2022 holds for us. While we wait with eager anticipation the coming months, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on all the hard work by myself and my team at The Conscious Resistance Network, The Freedom Cell Network, and The Greater Reset. I am grateful to be doing this work and have so many supporters. I hope that I provided some value for you in 2021 and I look forward to doing so in 2022.

Some of my favorite accomplishments of 2021 include:

– launching the Greater Reset Activation and hosting 2 events in Mexico
– launching The Activation podcast focused on solutions
– premiering the first 2 seasons of The Pyramid of Power
– releasing my first music with my hip hop project 33
– completing the 29-city Activation Tour
– launching the Vegans for Freedom/Against Agenda 2030 movement
– translating more of our work into Spanish (even more to come in 2022!)

Thanks for supporting our efforts. I wish you the best in the coming months. Here are our 50 most important reports from 2021.

– Derrick Broze

(All stories are listed Chronologically beginning in January 2021, ** denotes extremely important report)


Dr. Mercola Discusses the Solutions to The Great Reset

** Healing the Inner Child Today will Save the World Tomorrow (article & video)

In 2021 Finding Truth Will Be Even More Difficult

Here’s What One Journalist Witnessed During the DC Protest

The Lessons Gained Through Solitude

** Has COVID19 Been Isolated? with Dr. Andrew Kaufman and Dr. Thomas Cowan

TLAV Article: Here Are 18 Ways Trump Supported The Swamp During His Presidency

** Symbols: Paranoia, Confusion, and How to Take Them Back

I Watched a Man Die, I Found Inspiration (originally recorded in 2013)

It’s Time to Exit and Build (Derrick Broze, The Greater Reset)

Smart Cities Investigation, Part 1 (TLAV article & video)

TLAV Article: Google’s Eric Schmidt & The Artificial Intelligence Military-Industrial Complex

** Building Local Resilience: How Communities Can Thrive Through Revolution and Ecological Collapse

You Are a Pioneer of Peace

Smart Cities Investigation, Part 2: Smart Cities: Digital Prisons Of The Great Reset

** TLAV Article: Is There A Chance To Unite The Pro And Anti Blockchain Crowds?

Understanding the Nuances of Blockchain, Crypto, and Technocracy

** The Conscious Resistance Network presents: The Finders Cult Archive

Ni Un Paso Atras: The Story of Cherán, Mexico

TLAV Article: As European Parliament Approves Immunity Certificate, Document Proves Plans In the Works Since 2019

Derrick Broze – The Costs and Benefits of Unplugging from the Grid #D3 Tech Summit

TLAV Article: Bill Gates, China, 23andMe, and Your DNA

Indigenous Towns In Mexico Are Rejecting the CO VID Shots

COVID1984 Is New Normal Colonization – Derrick Broze

This Journalist Predicted COVID1984 As Far Back as 2006

What is Veganic Permaculture? Derrick Broze at The Greater Reset: Activation to Expansion

The Intersection of Counter-Economics and Spirituality with Derrick Broze (The Greater Reset: Activation to Expansion)

** The Pyramid of Power: Season 1

TLAV Article: Over A Dozen Mexican Towns Vote To Reject Political Parties In Latest Election

Colorado Cops Killed a Good Samaritan Activist (RIP Johnny Hurley)

Exposing the Technocratic-Transhumanist-CyberPandemic Agenda with Whitney Webb

TLAV Article: Why Are ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ Worried About An Impending Power Grid Failure?

The PCR Deception Continues to Crumble #2

Blockchain Could Be the Foundation of the Digital Prisons of The Great Reset

The Activation #7: Overcoming the Fear of Freedom with James Corbett

Dr. Peter Hotez Is a Threat to Liberty

Derrick Broze Exposes 5G Dangers to Houston City Council (2018-2020)

** How to Avoid the Rabbit Hole Trap

From 9/11 to 1/6: 20 Years of False Flag Terror with Peter Dale Scott

Watch Out for These 3 Traps On Your Path to Liberation

Mexit: Why You Should Consider Exiting and Building in Mexico (Free Webinar)

** “This Is What We Are Facing, This is What We Can Do About It” – Derrick Broze, The Activation Tour Houston

Vegans For Freedom/Against Agenda 2030 Is LIVE!

Exit and Build: Is Mexico a Safe Alternative to Your Current Location? (Exit and Build Land Summit)

** The Pyramid of Power: Season 2

** TLAV Article: The Great Narrative And The Metaverse: Part 1 & Part 2

Exposing The Great Narrative and Metaverse Agenda

Learning from One of the Oldest Intentional Communities in Mexico

Kristan Harris Interview: Was Justice Served in the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial?

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