It’s been two weeks now since The Greater Reset 3: Integration. I can’t say enough about how much this experience meant to me. We had over 300 mask-free, smiling souls in person in Morelia, Mexico, 100 more people in Central Texas, and thousands watching online from more than 20 countries!

I truly have hope and belief that we will overcome what we are facing because we are increasingly committed to building this better world we know is possible.

Before TGR3, I had buried myself in the preparation for our event in Morelia and took a break from writing articles and doing news reports.

Now that the Activation is over – and I took a week off for rest – I am back at it!

This week I will be releasing new reports for The Conscious Resistance and articles for The Last American Vagabond. I am seriously excited about focusing on my journalism again. There are so many different topics I want to delve deeper into – Technocracy, blockchain, the Metaverse, Social Impact Finance, and so much more.

What do you think I should investigate next? Respond to this message and let me know!

What’s Next?

Beyond getting back to journalism, I also have a couple other projects on the horizon. Here’s the latest:

Translate The Truth – You might have seen my recent interview with James Corbett where I announced the launch of the Translate the Truth project. This is my effort to translate as many important books, documentaries, and podcasts into as many languages as possible.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive! So much so that I NEED VOLUNTEERS! If you are interested in helping me sort through the emails and formulate a game plan please reach out ASAP!

Mexico Activation Tour – With everything going on during The Greater Reset, Miriam and I decided to postpone The Mexico Activation Tour. I will be announcing the new schedule in the coming days, but we will be hitting the road in early March and plan to be on the road until mid-April as we host events in 13 cities. Stay tuned to The Activation Tour website for details!

The Pyramid of Power Season 3 – That’s right, we are preparing to release Season 3 of The Pyramid of Power in March or April! If you haven’t seen season 1 and 2, check it out here!

Thanks for supporting all of my efforts and projects. I know it can be overwhelming but I try to offer some hope and inspiration.

Remember, You Are Powerful, You Are Beautiful, and You Are Free.

– Derrick Broze
Founder, The Conscious Resistance Network

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