I hope everyone is doing well. I am working hard to complete the first season of the Pyramid of Power documentary series. The first 4 episodes will be released Friday May 7, 14, 21, and 28 exclusively on Mark Passio’s One Great Work Network. The following Monday the episodes will be released on ALL of our channels.

For now, if you are interested in getting a behind the scenes look at the documentary series, I recommend following me on video platform Rokfin. I joined a couple months ago and every other week I have been releasing an exclusive podcast called “Beneath the Pyramid of Power”. The podcast basically shows you my sources for the documentary and the info that I have to leave out in the interest of time. Head over to Rokfin, create an account, and check it out! 

Just so you are aware, you can find all my 2021 videos on Rokfin for FREE. If you want to sign up for a Premium account you will not only get access to the Beneath the Pyramid of Power podcast, but exclusive content from Jason Bermas, Ryan of The Last American Vagabond, Whitney Webb, Jamie Dlux, and so many others! 

Thanks for the support.

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– Derrick Broze
Founder, Editor
The Conscious Resistance Network

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