A cartoon, no matter how offensive does not warrant killing someone.  Unfortunately in Islam, the “crime” of blasphemy is punishable by death and with over one billion Muslims in the world, there will be at a least a few who will believe Allah is “offended” to the point of someone(s) needing to die.  It’s a shame that someone would go to these lengths.

Even more of a shame is the fact that the media and the government will use this as an excuse for more police militarization and war.  It should also be noted that Said and Cherif Kouachi were both recently fighting in Syria with arms supplied by NATO.  Of course in Syria they were “freedom fighters,” but now they’re terrorist boogeymen.

The attacks also serve as a distraction for other pressing matters, such as the poor economy and the ongoing civil war and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine that could very easily spark a much larger conflict.  Far more heinous crimes have been committed against the people in the Donbass than France recently.  Are they any less human, or did I miss something?

Ironically, these attacks will likely be used to curtail free speech even more in the name of “protecting the people.”   An attack on free speech does not warrant curtailing it, but that is the nature of Government logic.  It is simply all a shame

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