Learning to trust another human being is a monumental task for some of us.  The fears, and doubts we pick up along our journeys might lead some to believe trust is an unworthy venture. Navigating the jungle of life can be quite difficult and learning to trust, to trust yourself, let alone another human being, may seem like a far fetched idea, but it is essential for our development as free, conscious human beings in the pursuit of liberty.

In the past I had only the faintest idea of what it meant to trust. An onslaught of false proclamations at an early age, by those assumed to be trustworthy, did not create the best foundation for a trusting person. I came to believe everyone to be a liar. So I responded in kind. Quickly I became more insecure, doubtful and bitter. This state of mind made the road towards crime, and self-medication more accessible. That, of course, led to incarceration by the State.

So, how do we avoid this? How do we work to avoid becoming full of doubt, mistrust and unfounded fears? This subject obviously involves many factors, especially when dealing with trusting another individual, who may or may not be deserving of such trust at that time. As well as what you are entrusting another with. This could be trusting someone to save your seat, watch your dog, or trusting someone with your love.

What I am speaking to is  more of trusting yourself, the Universe, God, whatever you choose. By learning to truly love and appreciate ourselves we learn to trust ourselves, our instinct, our decisions. These decisions include what external factors, people and environment, to trust. We are part of a vast universe, and in the grand scheme of things, very minute. However, the actions we take, in our hearts and daily lives, do matter.

As we work to trust and love ourselves and our place in this journey, we can encourage the same behavior in others. This will only make creating communities based on non-aggression, voluntary association, responsible living and empowerment, that much easier. To help the world to continue evolving we need to start at home. That means you. This is an Evolution of Hearts and Minds. Start with yours.


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