I trust that you are doing well out there and taking the necessary steps for you and your loved ones to continue thriving into the future. I have a brief update about my upcoming documentary series, The Pyramid of Power

First, a little background:

During the 2018 Liberate Your Mind Tour, I gave a presentation titled, The Pyramid of Power. This 2 hour presentation explored the mechanisms by which the vast majority of our planet falls prey to spiritual, mental, and physical slavery.
The presentation examined the various institutions and organizations that make up this Pyramid and asked how we as individuals are supporting these systems. Finally, the presentation included proposals for potential solutions and ways to live without supporting systems that do not align with our values.

Immediately upon concluding the tour, I realized I was going to need to turn this presentation into a documentary. Over time the project has evolved to be a 16-part documentary series, with each episode in the range of 20-30 minutes. The goal is to introduce people to these concepts while also promoting other books and documentaries for deeper research. Each episode will conclude by providing solutions.

Every episode will  also feature powerful researchers and journalists providing valuable insight. So far, the following people will appear in The Pyramid of Power:

James Corbett
G. Edward Griffin
Mark Passio
Peter Dale Scott
Ray McGovern
Ben Swann

Are there any other powerful thinkers and well informed researchers who understand the BIG PICTURE? Feel free to make suggestions by responding to this email. 

Finally, I have now completed the full episode list and have also decided to begin releasing the series in “seasons”. Each season will feature 4 episodes, with each episode premiering EXCLUSIVELY on the One Great Work Network on Friday nights. Here’s what it looks like at the moment:

The Pyramid of Power Documentary Series

Season 1 (estimated release May 1st, 2021)

Chapter 1: Big Education
Chapter 2: Establishment Media
Chapter 3: Big Tech
Chapter 4: The Hollywood-Military-Intelligence Complex

Season 2 (estimated release August 1st, 2021)
Chapter 5: Big Wireless
Chapter 6: Big Pharma
Chapter 7: The Oilgarchy
Chapter 8: Non-Profit Industrial Complex

Season 3 (estimated release November 1st, 2021)
Chapter 9: Prison-Industrial Complex
Chapter 10: The Intelligence Community
Chapter 11: The Banking Cartel
Chapter 12: The Technocratic State

Season 4 (estimated release February 1st, 2022)
Chapter 13: False Flags Don’t Fly Anymore
Chapter 14: The Pedo-Class
Chapter 15: Religion & Secret Societies
Chapter 16: The Predator Class & The Belief In Authority

I am beyond excited to share this work with you! Besides this project (and my regular articles for TLAV), I am not going to be focusing on the problems anymore. Once this series is concluded, my work will begin to focus EVEN MORE on solutions like permaculture, healing the inner child, and building the next stage of humanity.

The Pyramid of Power is the largest, most involved project I have ever undertaken and I hope that it will be a useful for waking our brothers and sisters. 

Thanks for the support. Until next time,

Remember –


– Derrick Broze
Founder, Editor
The Conscious Resistance Network

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