Fostering tolerance for other cultures is incredibly valuable and helps to bring humanity closer together.  It shows were not all that different from each other and can help bring peace and harmony.  However, there are some cultural practices that should, under any circumstances be tolerated.

Take for example the practice of Bacha Bazi, or “boy play.”  Commonly practiced in Afghanistan by male “authority” figures, young boys are kept as sexual slaves after they are “purchased” from their families and made to dress like girls.  Many of these pedophiles are allied with the United States government, who claims to be in Afghanistan to “protect Afghanis.”  Instead of being imprisoned, many of them end up in positions of power.  Somehow, protecting young boys from being raped did not make it onto the ‘to do’ list of the US military, if it really was protecting the people of Afghanistan.

Some members of US military did try to do something about the horrid practice.  Take for example Lance Corporal Gregory Buckley Jr.  Buckley attempted to report the sexual abuse of the boys to the chain of command, but was told to ignore it by his superiors as it was “part of their culture.”  “At night we can hear them screaming, but we’re not allowed to do anything about it.”  Buckley ended up being killed on a base in Afghanistan.

Then there is the case of Captain Dan Quinn.  Quinn became so enraged by a militia commander keeping a boy chained to his bed, that he ended up beating up the man.  “The reason we were here is because we heard the terrible things the Taliban were doing to people, how they were taking away human rights.  But we were putting people in power who would do things that were worse than what the Taliban did- that was something village elders voiced to me,” said Quinn.  Quinn ended up being court marshaled for this.

So focused on not being embarrassed militarily, the United States military deliberately ignores the heinous sexual crimes of its allies.  When members attempt to do something, they’re told look the other way.  When it comes to the crimes of the military and its allies, they are ignored, and those who attempt to report them are at the very least brushed aside.

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