Having the desire to create a more peaceful world is certainly a noble cause.  The current status quo clearly should not fit anyone’s definition of “peaceful.”  Yet that better world, so desired by many cannot be obtained, unless some very specific parameters are met.  One, you need to be honest and respect yourself, two, have  a general respect for all forms of life, and finally have a moral aversion to unjustified violence.

Being honest and respecting yourself seems to be fairly obvious, yet many people often forget this, while urging others to be honest and respectful.  Though I do not subscribe to The Bible, one of the most important lessons in it, other than “love thy neighbor” is getting your house in order.  Accountability begins with the individual.  If that individual does not hold themselves to the same standards they hold others.  If you as an individual respect yourself, it becomes far easier to respect others and vise versa.

Going along with honesty and respect for yourself, is respecting all forms of life.  Respect not only fellow adults (if you are an adult), but also children and animals.  Children literally are the future of the world.  How you treat them ultimately shapes their world view and how they view others.  If you hit, yell, and take things from them, they will find it acceptable to do the same things.  People always wonder why violence always seems to occur in cycles, yet they never bother to find and remove one of the main causes other than a lack of self respect.

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