Greetings friends!

I am sending love and gratitude from Houston, Texas! I hope your week went well and you are getting ready for time with people you care about. I need a moment of your time to share a couple quick updates…

1. The Finders Investigation – Last Sunday I began a series of videos sharing some of the background research I have done for our upcoming documentary on The Finders Cult. If you have never heard of The Finders I advise you start with #1 in our series. Today (Sunday) I will be broadcasting episode 2 for our Patreon supporters (one of the perks of supporting us!). The video will be made public tomorrow! Stay tuned for more videos and the documentary in early December!

2. Phase 2.0 of the Battle Against 5G – After my latest visit to talk to Houston City Council about 5G technology, I decided to launch an email and phone blast campaign. I made a post with the numbers and emails of City Council members and now I need as many people as possible to make calls to these offices and send emails. The goal is to get them to slow down and do more studies. So, if you think you can help, call/email as many council members as you like.

REPEAT REMINDER: Daily Audiobook – I decided to start releasing an audio version of each chapter of The Conscious Resistance Trilogy. So from now until the trilogy is completely shared, I will be reading a chapter a day and releasing on our social media. I have released the first ten chapters so far! Find them on our channels.

** ONE MORE REMINDER** New Social Media – As of January 2019, we will no longer be posting new content on FB, YouTube, Instagram Twitter, Google, or Amazon! To get all of our content, please stay tuned to our website,Steemit, BitChute, Minds, and MeWe!

Until next week, Remember,

You Are Powerful, You Are Beautiful, You Are Free

– Derrick Broze

Founder, Editor TCRN

ALSO, Don’t Forget I have been invited to speak at Anarchapulco in Acapulco, Mexico in February 2019! If you are interested in attending, please click here and get a discount on tickets!


P.S. – I want to remind you guys about my Patreon account! If you would like to help us in our efforts to create powerful documentary content, please consider signing up for a monthly contribution! For as little as $1 a month you get access to exclusive podcasts, and interviews and videos before anyone else!


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