Derrick Broze talks with Theodora Scarato, Executive Director of Environmental Health Trust (EHT), about the health concerns around cell phones, wireless devices, and 5g.

“As a policy analyst Scarato maintains the comprehensive EHT database on international policy that documents the 20+ nations that have protective policies in place to reduce public exposure to cell phone and wireless radiation.

Locally in Maryland, Scarato has long worked on children’s environmental health issues in the schools and was instrumental in the Prince George’s County School System move to address lead contamination in the schools drinking water. She raised the wireless and health issue to the the Maryland State Advisory Council on Children’s Environmental Health Protection which moved to issue first ever state advisory recommendations to the Department of Education to reduce radiofrequency exposures in the school setting.”

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One Response

  1. Ann clow

    I enjoyed Scarato listening to you on the 5G summit
    Is there anyway that you could send me court cases that has been proven of 5G hazards or smart meters Are bad and that people has won their case in court

    My husband will not make the necessary changes I want to my home that would help me get rid of the toxic hazardous ions unless there is court cases that people have won that proves this
    Thank you so much


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