It’s been extremely busy lately in my world of activism. I enjoy staying busy with projects so I am constantly taking on new ones. I am still contributing from time to time at the Intellihub, and writing Monday through Friday with The Liberty Beat. I am hoping to begin hosting Rise Up Radio this coming week with John Bush. I am also working on a number of essays with J.G. Vibes for our upcoming book, “The Conscious Resistance: Reflections on Anarchy and Spirituality”.

I have been catching up on adding clips from The Conscious Resistance on my YouTube Channel so check that out. Also I have been doing a number of interviews. Recently I talked with the guys from WeAreChange Milwaukee to discuss religion, the NSA, meditation, and activism.

Next Tuesday at 11 pm Central I will be on Freedom Watch with Ryan Brooks on Orion Talk Radio. I am looking forward to talking with Ryan about the state of the world and what solutions there are.

My meditation practice, knowledge of shamanism, and drumming is continuing to expand. I plan to begin writing and recording more video reports expanding upon these topics and how they relate to freedom.  Stay Tuned for that.

– D.B.

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