Dear Statist,

How are you?  Is everything going okay?  I understand you have a big day coming up, an election day and you’re itching to do your civic duty and vote.  It makes you feel a part of the system and swells you up with pride.  However, before you mark your ballot, I want you to stop and think for just a minute.  By virtue of voting, you are authorizing a small elite to steal, harass, kidnap and potentially murder complete strangers and even yourself.

Just think about that.  In your mind things like murder are not acceptable, so why are you making yourself accept a double standard when the government does that?  You don’t rejoice on tax day, so why rejoice on the day the theft is authorized?  Now I’m not going to force you to not vote, but I do want you to examine what you are doing before you make a decision.

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