Armed Agorism: A three part series about obtaining and owning firearms through the Grey Market by guest contributor Atreidies. If you would like more background on Agorism, Black and Grey markets check this video. The following information is for educational purposes only. Please follow the advice in the article at your own risk.

I touched on some basics in the original article, but this article is going to focus more on the actual steps to take when involving yourself in transactions. I will also discuss tools and methods to use in order to avoid any record of your transactions, ways to familiarize yourself with various firearms, and how to train to use them.

Before going forward, I would like to say, if you are inexperienced with firearms, you need to have some basic training. You likely have a friend that owns firearms. If you do, ask them to take you shooting. Offer to pay for the ammunition. Many gun owners really enjoy teaching their friends how to safely handle firearms, so this shouldn’t be too difficult. If you don’t have any friends that own firearms, look up some videos online to have some kind of idea about how firearms function. I would also highly recommend finding a local range that provides beginner firearms courses. They can likely provide a firearm for this training. You should expect to pay for this service.

Where to shop:

Other than video recordings, there will be no record of you going into a gun store to handle firearms. Most dealers will let you pick up and manipulate their inventory. Some will also provide good information about particular firearms, but beware, as many gun store employees are less knowledgeable than they pretend to be. Since you are wanting to avoid a paper trail of your purchases, do not buy from a gun store. Pretend you are a shopper (telling them you are looking for your first gun, if you are) so they don’t brush you off. Yes, it sucks that you are wasting their time, but trust me, they have their time wasted every single day. They won’t hate you.

If you are familiar with firearms, you can also rent a gun at many shooting ranges. This is great, because for minimal cost (sometimes you just have to buy the ammo from the range) you get to actually use the firearm. Try several and decide with which gun you are most comfortable. Do as much research as possible to find a gun you would like to own, and you are comfortable using. PAY CASH for everything. No record, no interactions that put you into anybody’s memory. Be forgettable.

How to buy, sell and trade:

There are a TON of online resources for person to person transactions that won’t require a record. Try to focus on regional websites, outside of social media, that focus on private sales. A good example of this would be You can also use You can search by firearms type within an area close to you, you contact the person outside of the website, and meet face to face for the transaction. There are national sites similar to this, but you do not want to try to purchase from someone in another state. An easy way to find these sites in your state is to search “(your state) gun trader”. You will need to know your state’s laws in regards to recording private transactions. If your state requires documentation, you can always buy from a neighboring state that does not. If you decide to go this route, DO NOT tell the seller you are from out of state. A private seller cannot legally knowingly sell a firearm to an out of state resident without breaking federal law. As an agorist, you may decide to ignore laws, but causing someone else to break a law is a douchebag move, considering ignorance is not a defense they could use. Just keep your mouth shut about where you live, and they will maintain an affirmative legal defense to prosecution. Again, always pay cash.

Selling can use the same resources as buying. There are a few things you should pay close attention to though, to stay out of trouble. If a potential buyer tells you that they live out of state, are ineligible to own firearms, are buying it for someone else (other than a gift for a family member) or that they intend to harm someone with it, DO NOT SELL IT TO THEM. If you knowingly sell to anyone who gives you that info, you are breaking federal law, and since most people in those situations wouldn’t actually tell you, you have a good chance of being in the middle of a setup by some law enforcement agency. If you are in a state that requires records for private sales, the gun already likely has a paper trail to you, so selling it on record isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Just be cautious of how many guns you sell. There are no specific limits, but there are factors that will get you investigated. Claiming to be a firearms business, without a license, using firearms sales as a source of regular income, or firearms you sold being used in a crime, if the sale was traced back to you.

Trading is pretty much the same process as buying and selling. If your state doesn’t monitor transactions between private individuals, you are good to go. The benefit of trading, as most of us know, is that the government has almost no chance of making a claim on a portion of the proceeds. Many people is the broadly termed gun community are fans of gold, silver, ammunition, bartering for unrelated items or services, and to a lesser degree, cryptocurrencies. Beyond that, gun owners like to try different firearms, and are often looking to trade currently owned firearms for another firearm.

If you are looking to buy a black market firearm, then you likely already have resources to find a seller. Pretty much anyone involved in that world knows a guy who knows a guy. Handle it the same way you would anything else in the black market. Be aware that any black market firearm has a good chance of having been used previously in a crime. If you are told the gun is stolen, or if the serial number has been removed, DO NOT BUY IT. There are plenty of black market firearms which will not automatically put you in a felony situation. Possessing a stolen gun is a mistake, KNOWINGLY possessing one is a felony. Possessing a firearm with an altered/removed serial number is the same as if they caught you filing it away yourself. Yes, we’re talking about the black market here, but I believe it is best to minimize your exposure as much as possible.

Buying ammunition and accessories is completely unregulated in most states. I recommend buying locally and paying cash. You can buy online for less cost, but you are creating a record, even if you send them a check. Many of the websites that list private firearm sales also list private ammo sales. Many sellers will include ammo with the gun they are selling, especially if they do not own or plan to own additional guns in that caliber. Otherwise, going into your local big box store are buying with cash is safe and record free.

In closing, I would also like to give some general recommendations about private firearms transactions. If you are uneasy about the transaction, for whatever reason, walk away. Elevated stress is subconsciously detectable, and often consciously detectable. This can raise anxiety in both parties. When firearms are involved, you do not want elevated stress. Have a friend come with you to any meetup, or at the very least, meet at as public a place as possible. Shooting range parking lots are a good meet spot. Don’t show the money until you see the firearm. Don’t ever meet at your residence. Always let at least one person know the location where you are meeting. Be smart and be safe.

Coming Soon: Part 3 – Restricted Items, almost restricted items, items that may or may not get you in trouble

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